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Using Facebook for Marketing

Marketing is the one thing that will directly affect the amount of recognition that a company gets and perhaps determines how lucrative it becomes. Having great marketing tactics can possibly be one of the most important parts of running a business.

For a business to succeed, it is imperative that customers come to recognize who you are and what you’re about. Using Facebook as a marketing tool can simply be one of these cost-effective applications that build brand awareness and make connections with customers.

Facebook is a proven method of advertising. And people like Facebook because it is engaging as they can share globally about the things that matter most to them. This is a platform that provides information and updates especially when it comes to marketing a business. Facebook has proven time and time again how useful it is for its billions of users. Look at these facts:

Posts are looked at most on work days, between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.
Adding photos to your posts get more responses.
Ask your reader’s questions. They like to be included.
Share posts that are short and to the point.
Promote specials and events using hashtags.


When you get yourself out there and have brand recognition, people come to expect your posts on a regular basis. Some may even be surprised when they realize how much people rely on Facebook to hear about news, current events, or just finding something of interest to repost.

Facebook and marketing go hand in hand. It gives people a reason to become fans, a way to celebrate with you, and become part of your Facebook family. It’s all about engagement and finding ways to keep your fans turned-on and tuned-in.

When friends want to connect [...]

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Measure the effectiveness of your social media efforts

Measure the effectiveness of your social media efforts
Everyone understands that social media can be a total time suck if not managed properly, and the last thing you need is yet another drain on your time and resources. So when you are analyzing the effectiveness of your social media marketing how do you discover what’s working and what’s not?

This is far more than simply looking at the numbers of Likes and pages shares you’re getting. We’re referring to how effective your social media is at bringing you the results you want. Let’s examine a handful of ways to get this done.

5 Ways to measure social media effectiveness

Use tools to keep track of your social media presence – Fortunately for us there are plenty of great tools available, some free and most paid (but not very expensive) that can help you measure your social media effectiveness. Some of these are tools like,, and Not only that, each of the big social media platforms also provide some tools to help you, and there’s also always Google Analytics.
Quantify engagement – Simply because they’re there doesn’t mean they’re doing anything, or being influenced by your content. Looking at the actions taken by particular visitors can help you understand the ROI of that particular, post, platform or campaign.
Look closely at your click thru rate – By tracking the click-thrus you are able to tell which of your campaigns are getting to your desired actions, whatever that may be, and whether they should be tweaked or changed in some way.
Compare referrers – Each source of social traffic is going to be different, and as such you should evaluate each of them with an eye [...]

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