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Video Marketing for Business

Video marketing is a great opportunity to market your business that uses the web as a platform for promoting your brand through an integration of components that demands your audience’s attention.
From all of the statistics that can be found about video marketing, it proves to be more entertaining to your target audience which means it creates a steady flow of traffic and more clients watching your videos while increasing your popularity online.
Why is video marketing such a valuable tool for businesses?

It improves user engagement.
Encourages brand awareness.
Promotes a perception or an emotional response.

Video is a method of engaging audiences with story-telling elements that are full of information which generates an emotional connection with an audience. Using video gives you an opportunity to display who you are online, and assist you with your branding.

Other benefits of video marketing fall into the category of driving greater conversions, and gaining a presence with online search engines.

According to comScore, the online video audience reaches 84.5% of the U.S. Internet audience and engagement levels are on a constant increase as its online presence becomes more and more prominent.

With this information at the forefront, it proves how important videos are and that they should be informative and entertaining at the same time. It is like having an online salesman working for you 24/7.

With so many benefits of using video marketing, here are a few other ways that you can also use it within the boundaries of your own walls to improve your own business:

Using video to be more visible in search engines.
Train new staff with a step-by-step video.
Make ‘explainer videos’ for your website.
Use video to present quick tutorials for clients.
Clients love to watch [...]

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How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business

You’ve always intended to get a video marketing strategy started, nevertheless for whatever reason it just hasn’t gotten off the ground. Let’s end any confusion and delay due to lack of know-how about what to do right here and now.

Creating an effective video marketing strategy takes some thought and care. It’s not merely a matter of slapping up the latest company picnic video shot from your smartphone onto YouTube and expecting this to do miracles for you.

Today’s successes in the video marketing arena are there because they had a plan, and they executed it. Let’s figure out how you can do that with your business!

5 Methods for building a killer video marketing strategy!

Use video testimonials – Consumers are a lot more likely to be impressed with your goods and services if it is eminating from the mouth of a live customer on video. This is much more effective as social proof than any textual version could be. Not only that, the person doing the testimonial benefits at the same time, especially if they are also a business person.
Helpouts are not just for Google! – If you want raving fans, create a series of helpful, how-to videos offering advice and help on topics your audience is interested in. These are terrific sales tools, even when you don’t actually offer anything for sale in them. Using these types of videos to teach and answer general questions will win their loyalty.
Make better product videos – It’s fine to showcase your products, but work to make them more than just a slick presentation followed by a call to action. Why not take this opportunity to show how your product benefits the end user, ideally in a [...]

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