We all know that it’s easier to sell to existing customers than it is to find lots of new ones, so it only makes sense to ensure we are doing the very best job possible optimizing the sales funnel for conversions. This will help not only boost sales form existing traffic, but from any new visitors as well!

In 2014 it should be a goal to not only increase traffic to our sites, but also to do a better job of converting those that do make an appearance. I’d go for a 1 percent rise in conversion over a 1 percent increase in traffic any day!

5 Tips on how to win with conversion rate optimization

  1. One page serves one purpose – Having a single, clear purpose for each page will serve to make not just your conversions better, but also your search engine rankings. Don’t clutter your pages with extraneous links, and banners that detract from the main goal of the page.
  2. Optimize all of your funnel – Conversion rate optimization extends to any content or page that is a part of your marketing message. This means your emails, landing and squeeze pages, social media pages and more. Everything needs to be working in concert to send a clear, unified sales message.
  3. Check your site speed – A slow loading page is the biggest reason people will leave your site. Additionally, it can contribute (negatively) to your search engine rankings, as a high bounce rate is included in the Google search algorithm. If you want help determining where your problems lie in this area, try YSlow.
  4. Content and conversions go hand in hand! – Seems like everybody is looking at a content initiative this year, and that’s a good thing, as long as you do it with the idea of increasing your conversions at the same time. Optimize all of the content you publish for conversions, and keep it all in line with your primary conversion goals.
  5. Test and test again! – A tiny percentage gain in conversion rates can result in a significant monetary difference. Make it a part of the process to test all parts of your sales and conversion process. This can and will result in more profits and a more prosperous 2014!